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Daughters can be heroes too

Our patriarchal society marginalizes women and our daughters too often are overtly and covertly taught that they need a man in their life for them to have a meaningful and good life.

It's not a bad suggestion, when women, no matter which country or status they are born into is oppressed by the patriarchal system that gives men power over women. But this has to stop because in reality, women today need to be independent financially to survive and it is a tough battle because there are glass ceilings and they have to fight sexism, exploitation, and marginalization at every turn. It really does takes more than double the effort for a woman to be a leader, to be successful. Is this not an indicator that something is wrong?

I think to create a better world, we need to create equal opportunities for women that takes into account their strengths, competing based on the strengths of men makes the game of life unfair, don't you agree?

We can start the change process, one daughter at a time. Give your daughter the opportunity to be heard, give them the confidence by listening to their opinions, help them to become financially independent, don't push them to get married, allow marriage to be an option that they can consider if they can find a suitable partner who respects, love and support them, encourage them to be independent and to value their bodies, to value their femininity and to see it as a strength. Encourage and support them in being discerning when it comes to choosing a mate. Choose a man not because he is rich but because together you can both create a great life for each other.

Then teach your sons all the above. Teach them to respect women, to understand boundaries between men and women, teach them chivalry and let them learn how a gentleman should act, think and behave. Teach them that the oppression of women has led to the state of affairs in the world today, and ask them is this the world that they enjoy living in? A world that is full of treachery, lies, Machiavellian manipulation, wars, corruption and meaningless lives? #empowerwomen #supportafairworld #changelives

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