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Creating A Statement Through Art

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

Lebanese artist Hayat Nazer created a sculpture of a woman made out of rubble from the Beirut Port explosion. As long as there is hope, hatred and greed can be mitigated.

In the heart of every human being lies beauty

The statue that has not been named is made from broken glass, building debris, and household items that were destroyed during the explosion that killed at least 200 people and injured thousands in Beirut on August 4, 2020. A broken clock near the base of the sculpture reads 6.08 pm, marking the time the blast rocked the city. The sculpture of the girl that now stands near the site of the explosion facing the city with a sword drawn.

When religion interferes with governance...war is the outcome

Lebanon's recent destruction can be traced directly back to the Taif Agreement. The Taif agreement is a highly flawed and religious based agreement mediated by the Saudis and signed in 1989. The agreement is deemed to have allowed the current Lebanese politicians, many of whom are Lebanese Civil War-era sectarian warlords to occupy positions of power and to enjoy amnesty against accountability. Due to this agreement, Lebanon today consists of a mosaic of various religious factions 18 which are recognised and many more that are not recognised. The most glaring flaw in the agreement is that it enshrines a sect-based political system, where political authority is allocated based on the religious affiliation of the public servant.

Artist Hayat Naser

The sectarian government has brought a lot of grief, losses, fears and sufferings to the Lebanese people. Yet the spirit of the Lebanese people remain strong and their love for beauty remains intact. Hayat Naser's sculptures are impactful because it symbolises to me the inner spirit, pride and hope of the Lebanese people. Besides this sculpture of the woman, her other works include the Phoenix, Saucepans Tree, Heart of revolution, and the Corona project.


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