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What Covid-19 Testing has Taught Me...

Dr. Roshni Menon is the Medical Director at the Wellness Clinic in Notting Hill, London. Apart from being a trained ENT Surgeon, Dr. Menon has a Masters in Allergy and conducts regular Covid-19 testing since the outbreak of the pandemic.

Here in the UK, the country has begun its second national lockdown as the rate of Covid-19 infections continue to rise exponentially. With a population of over 66 million people, the government have laid out precautionary measures in hopes to bring the transmission rate down. With a staggering 49,770 deaths since the beginning of this year, the transmission rate continues to soar in one of the busiest cities in the world.

Question: As a doctor, what has Covid-19 testing taught you?

Dr Menon: "This pandemic has totally different manifestations for different people but there is certainly no one who is unaffected by it. I have seen people lost everything - their job, home, their health, their family members. I have also seen those who are merely inconvenienced by it and had to miss a few holidays abroad. I personally feel as we are in this together, it is our duty to reach out to our fellow man at moments like this and offer whatever we can."

The people I have tested have taught me that we are all equally vulnerable and fragile, irrespective of our social status, our postcode, or our educational background. Anxiety, paranoia, and ill-health due to the pandemic affects everyone in pretty much the same way."

The consequence of life with this virus is that we all have been forced to look at our lives through a microscope and for many of us, it has brought us to the fore of things we dislike most about our daily lives. These examples could be an unreasonable boss, small living spaces, a lousy spouse or partner, bickering children, difficult neighbours or a meaningless job to name a few.

What do you value most?

"I value my relationships with people. I value the closeness I feel to my family and friends and more than ever, I appreciate the support network I have built for myself.

I also dearly value my health and my ability to help others using my education and skills.

Define yourself as a woman. What is the most meaningful thing to you?

"I'd like to think I am a resilient woman, one who is not particularly comfortable with change but still willing to embrace and roll with it. I truly think the most meaningful values are hard work, loyalty, and kindness."

Frontliners like Dr. Roshni Menon have become national heroes as they continue to risk their lives in order to safeguard our communities. Now more than ever, your strength and dedication is honoured and appreciated by every single one of us.

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