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This is life...

The best way to improve is to learn from other people's experiences

Ayesha Brown



Ayesha Brown is an artist bridging the gap between sports and fashion. Working to recreate vintage football jerseys, she designs sports attire into statement garments with sustainability in mind. A great enthusiast to share her passion, she joins the "Maker Lab" at the Adidas Flagship store in London to have fans personalize their favourite gear.

Datin Dr. Ely Abd Rahman

Educator, author, and animal rescuer

Datin Dr. Norely Abd Rahman is a long life learner who works at an international school in the Middle East while passionately advocating compassion for stray animals. She is an author and a globe trotting educator who teaches children from all over the world.

Ewa Mitera



Ewa Mitera is a highly accomplished Polish artist who creates stunning vibrant paintings using blended colors. Her style is unique and creates a feeling of fascination and wonder to the viewer. Ewa's work has been successfully exhibited throughout Europe and the United States in cities including Edinburgh, London, Warsaw, Miami, and Washington DC. In 2015, Ewa represented Poland at the X Florence Biennale. In 2021, she continues to showcase her work at the Paris Salon in the Grand Palais. She holds a Master of Science degree from the University of Edinburgh in Scotland in Design and Digital Media as well as a Masters of Fine Arts from the European Academy of Fine Arts.

Josephine Akosua Owusua-Konadu

Ethnic Fashion Designer


Josephine is a creative designer who works with textiles and prints. Many of her designs have their roots from her native homeland in Ghana. She attended a fashion college in her hometown before teaching at the London College of Fashion. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic this year, Josephine has been busy producing colourful masks with a hint of African flair in her work. She has a set of twins whom she raised as a single mother.

Nancy Garrison Jenn

Global Headhunter


Nancy Garrison Jenn is a graduate of the Yale School of Management and a global authority on headhunters. She is an author, consultant, and well known speaker on the executive search profession. Her books includes "Headhunters and how to Use Them" and "The Global 200." She is also a boxer.

Azura Rahman

Landscape Photographer


Azura Rahman is a landscape photographer based in London. She has travelled solo to all 7 continents including the 2 polar regions. After being in a toxic relationship for over a decade, she finally managed to overcome her fears of being alone. Today, she is a happy single mother of three children.

Dina Dacy

Free Cakes for Kids, Camden


Dina Dacy is the founder of "Free Cakes for Kids in Camden" where her greatest joy is to bring a smile to a child's face. She works with numerous bakers around the city to provide free birthday cakes for families that may find it difficult to provide one for their child.

Gena West



Gena West is a woman who qualified as a Barrister-at-Law and went on to become an award-winning singer, songwriter, producer, and television host best known for her show "A Difference with Gena West." She has performed for Queen Elizabeth and Price Philip and at the Winter Olympics, New York's Madison Square Garden, the Royal Albert Hall, and the Royal Opera House to name a few. She is currently writing a book and working on a podcast which will be released soon.

Lennie Soo

Neuro-Counselling Psychologist


Dr Lennie Soo is a Neuro Counselling Psychologist and a Clinical Hypnotherapist who survived 3 near-death experiences (NDE). The last was in 2006 when she survived a broken neck. Today, against all odds she is back at work where she hopes to inspire her clients to reach their fullest potential as human beings.

Valeria Kleyn

Marathon Runner


Valeria Kleyn is a marathon runner with a list of achievements around Russia and Europe. Since discovering her love for the sport three years ago, she has completed events in Russia, UK, Austria, Czech Republic, Lithuania, and France. "Running is my meditation" and it has taught me many valuable lessons for my life.

Dao Khothabklang

Holistic Massage Therapist


Dao Khothabklang grew up in the northeast province of Nakhon Ratchasima in Thailand. Her passion for helping others lead her to became a holistic massage therapist for almost 10 years. She provided massage services to autistic and cancer patients under the National Health Service (NHS) in UK before moving to Thai Therapeutics, a boutique clinic in Knightsbridge, London.

Dr. Roshni Menon

Doctor and ENT Surgeon


"At every stage of my life, I have built relationships and friendships that make me better person."

Ji-Sun Lee

Oil and Gas Firm

South Korean

Ji-Sun Lee works in the management team in an oil and gas company in Seoul. South Korea has seen a rise in women taking more senior management roles in the last decade, however, the country has one of the largest pay gaps between men and women. Women on average make 37 percent less than their male counterpart.

Mandy Hickson

Fighter Jet Pilot


Mandy Hickson is one of the few female pilot in the world to fly the Tornedo GR4 with her squadron in the British Royal Air Force. She was the second woman to fly the Tornedo on the front line and complete three tours of duty and 45 missions in Iraq. She has just released her book called, “An Officer, Not a Gentleman” which highlights her career in the Air Force. Today, Mandy continues to share her experiences to coach and inspire others as a highly sought after keynote speaker in the business and education sectors.

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