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Gena West

If I had to share one tenet of wisdom, it would be that we need to listen to the inner voice that exists within all of us; that intuitive voice which speaks to us constantly. Each and every one of us has this voice. All women, I believe, have been imbued with a special instinctual ability to see beyond the obvious. We are able to sense things and feel things. Let’s heed those warnings, and listen for the guidance and direction. It’s our intuitive voice, our inner knowing, and it speaks to us all the time, about all situations.
Unfortunately, most of us, young and old, do not tap into this super-power. If we did, it would save us a lot of heartache and pain. As women, we are stronger than we think. Like a resilient palm tree, we shift and bend with life’s trials, but rise upright again once they’re over. I have found that when I embrace my true essence as a woman, I can withstand any storm of life. Trust your intuitive voice. Listen to it. Learn from it. It truly is your best gift.

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