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Mandy Hickson
Fighter Jet Pilot

“In regards to life lessons, I would say it is really important that one needs to have trust and belief in oneself to succeed. I have observed, time and again, how easily people doubt themself from an early age and are therefore unable to reach their highest potential. We often talk ourself out of doing something greater because we start listening and being influenced by other people’s fears. What we need to do is to have confidence and not allow the doubts and voices of others to bring us down.
My life has allowed me to have this incredible experience but it has not been without its challenges. I had to endure hardship and develop the skills in a career which is still a very male-dominated industry. Resilience is an extremely important trait which will get you through any difficult time in your life.”
Throughout her time, Mandy was the only female aircrew and learnt the lessons of juggling life as a working mother to two young children. If I had to give a gift to my children, it would be the gift of confidence. It’s a wonderful gift but something which is intangible and needs to be developed from one’s life experiences.”

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