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Nancy Garrison Jenn
Global Headhunter

"My experiences in life has taught me that we need to treasure our health and fitness. At all stages, this may mean different things but proactively being very focus on health and fitness is really important for your lifestyle.

I would advise women to find mentors and sponsers throughout their life to guide them. A mentor can be someone who sees the greatness in you and is able to inspire. A sponser is someone within a company who can help you to advance in your career professionally. Don't be afraid to ask for mentors and sponsers because we all need this, together with our health and fitness.

Lastly, be passionate about what you do. If your career doesn't excite you and you don't rush to get up in the morning, then change, pivot, experiment and find new opportunities because you have a long life to lead. Finding your passion is really important. Education is lifelong. It's no longer where you grow up, go to school, have a career, and then retire. Its not like that anymore. Look for opportunities which enable you to continue learning and growing."

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